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A leader with A Servant’s Heart

Republican Jeff Raatz and family
Republican Jeff Raatz’s headshot

“Our nation is at a tipping point. If we do not dramatically change course in Washington D.C. – very quickly – the United States of America will no longer be the land of the free and the home of the brave. It’s a sobering thought, and it’s something I think about on a daily basis. I am deeply concerned about the future of these United States, and that is why I am running to represent Indiana’s 6th District in the US House of Representatives.

I grew up believing in this country and the importance of SERVING fellow Americans. I have a servant’s heart – and that is what compelled me to first run for office in 2014. Serving in the State Senate is truly an honor and a privilege, and I am grateful for the opportunity to give back and keep our state moving forward. I am proud to have played a role in Indiana’s many success stories: honestly balanced budgets, lower taxes, record funding for K-12 education, and educational choices for parents and students. Indiana is on the right track, but our nation is headed in the wrong direction. I BELIEVE I CAN BE PART OF THE SOLUTION.

We must solve today’s problems now to guarantee a brighter future for our families and our nation. We must get serious about fixing the economy. We’ve accomplished this in Indiana, so I know it can be done. We must restore fiscal sanity in Washington so our children and grandchildren have the opportunity to live the American dream. We must close our southern border and stop the massive influx of illegal immigrants who are threatening our national security. We must stop the woke agenda that threatens to indoctrinate our children with liberal ideology. We must restore law and order by supporting law enforcement and first responders. We must uphold our cherished values of protecting the sanctity of human life and preserving our First and Second Amendment freedoms.

We have a lot of work to do to get our nation back on track. Please join me. Working together, I know we can take our country back and ensure the American dream is achievable for all.”

- Jeff Raatz

on or before
Tuesday, May 7th
in the Republican Primary